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Bedroom Furniture Buying Tips

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Ah. The bedroom. Your personal retreat. The space you call your own. The place where you can shut out the world and refresh your spirit. This is your room, so create it with you in mind. You need only please yourself and your significant other.


To help ensure you're on the right track in searching for furnishings to create your dream bedroom, the American Home Furnishings Alliance offers these shopping tips:

  • Decide what best expresses your personal style.
  • Determine your budget.
  • Measure your space to see what pieces you can accommodate.
  • A well-equipped bedroom generally consists of a bed, a nightstand or two, a dresser or chest and a mirror. Many of today's bedrooms feature an armoire, too.
  • The bed is generally the focal point of the bedroom so you'll probably want to select it first.
  • When shopping for pieces that aren't upholstered, such as dressers, chests and tables (known as "casegood" in the furniture speak), find out what they are made of – is it hardwood or softwood? Quality pieces are available in both hard and soft woods.
  • With any wood pieces, an examination of the construction will reveal a lot about the quality. Lift a corner. Does it feel heavy and sturdy? Check out the corners. Do they feel strong and secure?
  • Open and shut the drawers. Do they open and close easily? Do they fit snugly? You want to make sure they don't sag.
  • Examine the finish of the piece. The finish should be smooth, without cracks or bubbles.
  • Check the hardware, e.g. handles and pulls – they should be secure and strong with no rough or sharp edges.
  • And after you've made your major furniture selections, remember to add accessories, such as lamps, photo frames, rugs and wall décor.
  • Most importantly, enjoy yourself.

Bedroom Furniture Dealers

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Home Decorators
Shop our collection of rugs, bar stools,
coffee tables, mirrors, bathroom vanities.

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Home and Living
All the furniture you need to furnish your
home with the most trusted name brands!

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1Shop4u, Inc.
1Shop4u, Inc.
Free Shipping On Most Items!

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Lumens Light + Living
At Lumens.com, it's good design at guaranteed
pricing that matters.

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One Way Furniture
Discount Furniture Store, One Way Furniture
Free US Shipping!

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